AnthonyRuinsMC is a PGN turned hardcore hater and an enemy of many prankster gangsters. He often abuses them in as many ways possible, by cyberbullying and ordering people to take them down. He has griefed many PGN across the server and says that the PGN is dying and tries to make that be a reality, though often thwarted by PGN and even neutrals. He calls people cringe and uses swearing to weaken them. However, he has been bested several times and is very provocative, often calling PGN, most notably Westonkids cringe. His evil desires lead to extreme problems within the server, and he is also a hacker. Despite calling the PGN names, he often indirecty shows the hater nations true colors to the server. Trying to shut up PGN and friends of the PGN for trying to take a stand. One of his targets is the revival squad for trying to cause the PGN to arise

Friends or should I say followers

Haters (most of them)

APC (anti pgn club)

Copycat nation.



Pink Sheep (has never met him)

The main pgn squad

the revival squad

other pgn squads

Some neutrals

very few haters