HaterSheep Is an ex-PGN extremist whom during the attack on FalcusGame's plot, something in his head grinded to a halt saying "this isn't right

Thus HaterSheep was born...

He created a channel, uploaded his first video in an unfinished base he created, he originally had the pink sheep tts voice, but soon changed it to something more dark.

Ilanwer3's haternation was the strongest it had ever been, but when 2017 came around, his leadership started to show its cracks, 1st generation HN crumbled by mid 2017, then generation 2 came around, The NHE (New Hater Era)!

This generation never got to grow because ilanwer hung up the crown for good 3 months after its creation.

Generation 3 HN was led by Rwlei (SecretAssassinYT)

He tried to rebrand the HN to a Chinese knockoff of Valkyria of 2b2t, he called it "The Imperial Valkyries" he even tried to take over 2b2t but never escaped spawn, a rebellion was created to oppose rwlei's terrible leadership, in the end, the rebellion along with HaterSheep destroyed Rwlei's embarrassment to the Hater Nation.

Generation 4 has now been created, led by HaterSheep.

he took the mantle of leadership with a goal to restore the HN back to its former power and dynasty

Here concludes the story of HaterSheep so far.

PS: Plot twist its actually HaterSheep who has posted this, HN discord invite:

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