BlueBob WeirdoPants, formerly Blue Sheep, was a regular on MC


Origins and has appeared in many of Pink Sheep's videos. He was part of a squad that went out to kill a hater named Wife in survival games. He is also a youtube with over 2,000 subscribers, as EVIDENCE he is in the channel- but has also made cameos in the following videos-

He has his own channel:


  • In the video "Hacker Gave Me This God Chest" when Kittens_Rule11 was defeated in the match, BlueBob imitated PinkSheep with color chat saying he was recording at spawn.
  • He is mentioned in the video "Reacting to Hate Comments Part 2" by an impostor of Pink Sheep.
  • He is no longer in the PGN, because he was a terrible PGN.
  • He has not been seen in Pink Sheep's videos in a while, because he doesn't give a darn about it.
  • shortly after leaving and betraying the pgn, lots of opinion dis-respecters are insulting him.
  • he deleted almost all his plots a week ago, starting over new plots.
  • he has a pet chicken named FleoelF
  • His favorite foods are SpongeBob Ice Cream Bars