Cringy hater is a channel and a google plus user which is a hater with bad grammar, that account is an alt.

Some people know who made the account

His voice seems to be a high pitched voice, some people believe that cringy hater made his pitch go higher.

AustinMicheal07 is saying he didn't create it, but some people disagree, most think he is saying the truth.

However, Cringy Hater rarely uploads any videos, but he doesn't like losing,, if he loses he goes complete rage mode, even if he didn't actually rage.

However, Cringy hater's house look like AustinMicheal07's house, This could possibly mean they have the same house.

AustinMicheal07 has a nintendo switch, but cringy hater someone have a nintendo switch

Cringy hater is mostly a vore lover, meaning he hates vore haters,

His lines are: