The Ender Dragon is Pink Sheep's ex-wife and Purple Shep's mother. She is now married to an unnamed endermite.

Pink Sheep met the Ender Dragon when he was sent to kill her. He couldn't, however. Later, when Purple Shep's egg landed under Pink Sheep and when it hatched, the Ender Dragon searched out for Pink Sheep. When she found him, Purple Shep asked if they were going to kiss. Pink Sheep said that they should put their differences aside and maybe they could get together. At first the Ender Dragon argued, but then they fell in love with each other.

When Pink Sheep fell in love with Crystal Sheep, he went to the Ender Dragon to break the bad news. He stalled for a minute, then told her. They agreed the would just be friends, then the Ender Dragon told Pink Sheep that she was married to the endermite.