The term Haters refers to all who hate Pink Sheep. They are shown to be tame in their acts against Pink Sheep, often simply insulting him, unlike the Prankster Gangsters, who seem to take almost anything involving Pink Sheep to the very extremes. The leader of one of the HN is Ilanwer3, but Pink Sheep claims that Wife (actor) is his #1 Hater.

Main Haters

Associated Groups

The Prankster Gangster Nation - The followers of Pink Sheep, the Prankster Gangsters are the ultimate enemy of the Haters and vise versa.

new hater order-a side branch of the hater nation, this group often griefs their victims and tries to rival them with hangouts/decent homes. their member count is unknown


One fateful day, Pink Sheep decided to make a YouTube channel. Once it was made, ExplodingTNT's subscribers split into two main groups: The Prankster Gangsters, and the Haters. The Haters were against Pink Sheep and his having of a YouTube channel.

They most likely are plotting something major. they have been shown to have multiple sub-groups and often are known for griefing PGN plots by pretending to be pgn. Or they just hate pink sheep.