As much as this wiki encourages all its members to mess around and have fun, there has to be rules to make sure nothing turns chaotic. NOT READING THESE RULES IS NOT AN EXCUSE!


  • No swearing or using inappropriate language. This includes curse words, words with sexual implications, or otherwise inappropriate language. Many kids watch PinkSheep and might find this wiki. Respect that.
  • No spamming. This applies to everything on this wiki, especially chat. Spam is posting something repeatedly. This applies to edits, chat, comments, forum posts, blog posts, edit summaries, ect.
  • No unnecessary edits. This is the second kind of spam. Making unnecessary edits takes up space on the wiki activity. Not to mention it is considered badge gaming.
  • No badge gaming! This is when you make unnecessary edits or making an edit then reverting it to get another edit. If you do anything that does not help the wiki to get a badge or get closer to getting a badge, it is considered badge gaming.
  • No off-topic conversation. If you go onto a page, keep all comments on topic. This applies to everywhere on the wiki.
  • No dupes/alts/sockpuppets. Using an alternate account on the wiki is strictly prohibited. If this is seen, both/all accounts will be blocked. If you wish to have a backup account on the wiki, confirm this with both accounts so we know both are you.
  • No vandalism! Although this falls under the category of unnecessary edits, it's very important to know. Excessivw vandalism will get you blocked immediately, without warning.
  • Don't abuse staff power. If you are staff on this wiki, do not use your power for anything other than your job. Doing so will result in a Staff Warning.
  • Do not disobey staff. Do not disobey staff with a higher rank than you. This will result in a notice or warning. Some exceptions will be made, like if a staff member asks you to break a rule.
  • Do not talk about politics are religion in a way that might make others uncomfortable.

Rules Still a WIP. If you have a suggestion for a rule, please leave a message on a bereaucrat's wall.