Prankshup Laber is the cringiest thing ever to appear on the PGN vs Hater War scene, actually a troll account. There are only a very few people that know who created Prankshup Laber.


Prankshup Laber appears to be a very poor remake of Pink Sheep that took probably no effort at all to create. He has a black mustache thing, two black eyes and eyebrows. His voice is also highly squeaky and high pitched.


Prankshup Laber's YouTube channel started its appearance on the PGN vs Hater war under Pink Sheep Mega Fan's video called "How to rost haters rosting RazZorInc", where he came across RazZorInc, his number one enemy. Basically, RazZorInc commented that the roast video didn't offend him at all, which was true. Shortly afterwards (around 1 week later) Prankshup Laber replied to him, saying "shatap heter you got offended atmit it!1!!!!". Soon after that, RazZorInc responded to him, and Prankshup Laber got very triggered because RazZor's reply was mostly about Prankshup having absolutely terrible grammar and a crappy, poor profile picture. After that, Prankshup Laber started to comment under RazZorInc's videos. Shortly afterwards, Prankshup claimed that Michał Michałowskii and Pink Sheep rules zajcu37 drools of r r were "tretor pegins", because they didn't "worshap and respuk awor god prankshup". After that Prankshup started fighting with basically anyone that he encountered, commenting cringy things and harrassing others for having a different opinion. Obviously, he mostly focused on RazZorInc. Their "comment wars" were mostly long. The longest one had around 50 replies. Meanwhile, Prankshup Laber's channel was uploading disrespectful and very cringy content. Most people weren't taking it seriously, though, until Prankshup started uploading racist and inappropriate things. That is the moment when he crossed the line. People started reporting his videos and his channel, leading to his Prankshup Laber mubi being taken down and shortly afterwards, his channel being blocked and deleted from YouTube. Obviously, that was not the end of Prankshup Laber's YT Cringe. Shortly after his first account got banned, he got himself another channel. He also started uploading insanely cringe content on it. However, he also was commenting racist things and uploading racist videos. That made his channel get blocked again. OF COURSE, this was not the end. On January 18th, he returned yet again. The idea of his channel obviously hasn't changed at all. He still is disrespectful, racist and cringeworthy, getting triggered over others' opinions, harassing others, fighting with almost anyone that he will encounter and making dozens of failed attempts to bring people who don't like him to their knees, which continues up until the present moment.

Because of how horrible his channel is, he has managed to gain a cult following due to his overly high pitched voice, poorly animated movie, and his poor grammar. He currently has 19 subscribers on his channel.


Prankshup Laber is a very triggered, cringeworthy person that will do basically anything to defeat his enemies, especially focusing on RazZorInc. He is racist, disrespectful and totally pathetic, has absolutely terrible grammar and he will almost always reply using caps lock. His behavior is almost similar to a former troll account called Super Minecraft kid (who is actually Flourtownbrown) (raging over losing, getting triggered over hate videos out of him, and screaming and swearing a lot), except prankshup laber does that more often. Overall, his behavior is absolutely disgusting.