RazZorInc, also known as RazZorM3M3 or xRazZorblade, is a Pink Sheep Hater, former Head-Admin of the Democracy of Peace, and Leader of the RZZ Corporation. He also has a YouTube channel.


RazZorInc's first encounter with ExplodingTNT and Pink Sheep was way back in 2013, around the time he had purchased Minecraft Pocket Edition. He used to watch ExplodingTNT frequently back then, and one day, he saw a video with Pink Sheep in it. Even though Pink Sheep wasn't an opinion disrespecting clickbaiter with an incredibly toxic fanbase in 2013 (the most important difference was that he didn't even have his own channel back then), RazZorInc wasn't necessarily a fan of his personality. It was quite annoying for him, to be honest. A year passed and, in december 2014, RazZorInc purchased Minecraft PC Edition. The next year, 2015, didn't really have anything to do with Pink Sheep in RazZor's life. He was playing Minecraft, but he didn't know about McOrigins and wasn't interested in its existence. Finally, in april 2016, when Pink Sheep's channel was created, RazZorInc became interested in it. He saw Pink Sheep's very first video, being his channel trailer. RazZorInc was actually one of the very first subscribers of Pink Sheep, and claimed to be PGN immediately after subscribing to Pink Sheep's channel. However, when he was a PGN, he wasn't spamming hater alert at people who disliked Pink Sheep or anything like that. When joining McOrigins for the very first time (I believe it was like summer 2016, I don't remember exactly), RazZorInc was a PGN, but soon, in october 2016, left Pink Sheep's Nation for the very first Peace Nation ever created (the one owned by CreeperFilms). RazZorInc was actually the one who came up with the idea, but CreeperFilms claimed he was the one who thought of creating PN the first. RazZor tried to become Co-Leader (with actual valid points and reasons), but was ignored completely. RazZor gave up on the Peace Nation and actually became kind of neutral. A while passed and RazZorInc met VikingSlav, one of his best internet friends (this was november 2016). They became very good friends quickly and were playing together very often. Work in progress...