FANDOM is a game that Pink Sheep played, and was also played by Purple Shep


The location of appears to be a black area, possibly the floor of a house, or a zoomed in jungle/forest. Everyone and everything there are snakes, with the exception of small dots, snakes can eat these to grow. The dots can glow different colours, the colours, however, have no effect.

Gameplay's gameplay is simple. You have to kill other snakes to get to the top of the leader board, a feat Pink Sheep has achieved. In order to kill snakes, you have to run in front of them. If a snake's head touches another snake's body, the snake will die and every dot he's eaten will appear on the ground where he/she previously was. You can change the colour of your snake via first sharing the game on Facebook/Twitter, then clicking the Change Skin button.


There are several mods for, such as Slither+, a Chrome extension Pink Sheep used to get a skin of his face. There are also over mods, like Slithermods. These mods add features like zooming in, extra skins, custom backgrounds, and special abilities, although Pink Sheep doesn't need these, because he has his prankster gangster moves.


  • Going to the edge of's map and coming into contact with the red border kills you, and you don't drop any dots.
  • Pink Sheep refers to dots as "snake remains", even ones that didn't come from a dead player.