The Illuminati is an organization who's current target is the Prankster Gangster, Pink Sheep. Pink Sheep once joined The Illuminati but quit later on. ever since The Illuminati has been watching Pink Sheep randomly showing up from time to time. Then whenever Pink Sheep typed in "Dorito" The Illuminati replaced it with themselves. At first Pink Sheep wanted to create the best Illuminati ever in order the please them, but Pink Sheep quickly turned on them pouring lava all across the build. Then after Pink Sheep gained one million (melon?) subscribers The Illuminati sent him a message admitting that they didn't expect him to get this far and reassuring Pink Sheep that they are watching him. Later, a mysterious portal appeared in TNT Town, Pink Sheep decided to YOLO and enter the portal, there were a bunch of challenges but Pink Sheep was too prankster gangster and easily bested them only to find the Illuminati. This is where their motive is revealed, The Illuminati wants Pink Sheep to join them again. Pink Sheep responds by jumping of the map only to find himself in his bed, it turns out that the portal was still there, The Illuminati still tried to ask Pink Sheep to join them, Pink Sheep declined until The Illuminati tricked him, saying there were doritos. Pink Sheep entered the portal again only to find no such doritos. Pink Sheep was given a supposed choice, either to join them or to not, Pink Sheep chose not to only to find that neither was correct he was trapped, until he realized that no matter what he choose he would have fallen into the same trap. Then he realized that he could just quit the game, he did only to find himself in his bed again but this time the portal was not there.. Pink Sheep said "At least I can rest, for now...." signifying that The Illuminati will be back. Later The Illuminati joined Roblox and built a temple in the middle of a desert environment. Pink Sheep went in to investigate, facing many trials and even a hearing of an Illuminati Staff, before being presented with a challenge and besting only to gain said staff. Then he called all of the Prankster Gangster Nation to The Illuminati Base, A meeting was held between Pink Sheep and the Prankster Gangsters to take over the base and they did.