The Yellow Team is an extremely small branch of Prankster Gangsters. It has only appeared in the video "The Minecraft Gods Have Answered"


The first round consisted of Pink Sheep and 3 strangers: NetherBoi, DiamondDerekHD, and TuttoeGaming. Their swag levels were unknown, but Pink sheep had high expectations of the 3 saying "they better be good or they get kicked from the team". They looked like they would fail, and would be haters, as right at the start TuttoeGaming and DiamondDerekHD tried to get his iron, only NetherBoi was smart enough to get his own iron farm. The first clue is they were Prankster Gangsters when DiamondDerekHD busted out some moves, but immediately after pink sheep said that they would not be prankster gangsters unless if they won. The annoyance at his teammates enlarged as TuttoeGaming took up his gold farm. Pink Sheep finally realized they were prankster gangster and gentlemanlike as a noob was coming, but was being shot by NetherBoi and Tuttoegaming. He and Derek want on a mission for diamonds but they were ambushed by two powerful players. As Pink Sheep fled the scene, Derek took out 1, but was slain by the other. Pink sheep was extremely grateful for the squad and being able to watch his back, while in the background you can see Tuttoe giving iron to a recently slain Derek. But him and Derek went back to the middle, met by the player who killed him. He got Derek again, but was instantly slashed off the side by Pink Sheep, who then told a story about knocking haters off a cliff in the 17th century. Someone fixed the diamond generator on their island. As pink sheep waited to upgrade, you could see in the chat as the other 3 discussed a plan too take out blue, the only other team left, and NetherBoi revealed that blue was his favorite color. As pink sheep bought stuff with diamonds, including a fire aspect diamond sword, you could see in chat as the other 3 took out blue and won. The last we ever saw of the 3 was in the lobby when Pink Sheep stated how proud he was of them. You could see the 3 briefly amidst the celebration.