Zephplayz is a Panda who helps ExplodingTNT out with some of his videos, and even has a pretty good channel of his own! Despite working for Mr. Mouse, Zeph has been shown to be quite Prankster Gangster in one of PinkSheep's videos. He also took a vacation with Pink Sheep onto an island.


  • Some fans think that he is Pink Sheep himself. This false rumor
    ZephPlayz's Face Cam

    ZephPlayz Face Cam Play In Prison Life In March 18 Final Of John Doe

    started because he is on Pink Sheep's favorite channel's list, which is likely false because Zeph made videos before Pink Sheep ever appeared in one, and he is there because he helps out ExplodingTNT.
  • He is often shown to appear in areas that should be inaccessible, such as Pink Sheep's Mineplex server when it was still private.


ZephPlayz (Youtube)

ZephPlayzYT (Roblox)